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Pepper Fake

I may have posted a similar recipe before, but I made my own seitan for the first time and I'm really proud of myself and really excited to share!

For the seitan, I used the recipe from Vegan Planet, but instead of 9 cups, I cut it down to 4. For the rest of it, I coarsely chopped 1 medium white onion, and 3 green peppers, and sauteed them in stir fry oil with the finished seitan. The sauce was made with a boxed brown gravy mix (about a cup, give or take) and some soy sauce. And it was all dished over a bed of beautiful jasmine rice. The total cook time (with the seitan) was about 2 hours, but it was totally worth it! I suppose it would make 4 normal servings, but I'm a pig and ate half of it. The seitan was pretty good, but I think it would be better if I used the broth I cooked it in as the water for the mixture to add a bit more flavor. I'm already cooking up ideas in my head to try to mimic Chicago Diner's philly cheese steak and ruben sandwiches. When I master those, I'll share them as well! Thanks for paying attention! xoxo!
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