the oubliette (thexoubliette) wrote in vegancooking,
the oubliette

too much vanilla extract

I was wondering if anybody might know how to balance out the taste of adding [much] too much vanilla extract.

I was making cookies, and ended up splashing a heck of a lot more extract than intended, which left the dough both smelling and tasting of rubbing alcohol or something. [after eating a chunk, it seems like you can breathe fire hah]

is there anything i can add to take out that taste? :(

EDIT: thanks so much everybody for the replies. i think i will have to try to just bake these and see if the alcohol taste burns away. i would try doubling the recipe, but i don't have enough of the other ingredients [aww]; which is also why i wouldn't want to start over, aside from the fact that i'd be wasting this batch :)
thank you!
Tags: -salvaging failed recipes
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