marina,dawn (housework) wrote in vegancooking,

Mock Chicken/Veggie Salad

It's summer in Santa Fe and so hot that I cannot bear to turn on the oven/stove/toaster oven for more than five minutes without wanting to cry, which means that it's been kind of difficult keeping tasty, nutritious food around--I've been persisting mostly on raw broccoli and vegetable sushi for the past week, and today in a dash to come up with something stumbled onto a recipe for a mock chicken salad that used raw tofu. Instead of using vegenaise, which is what the recipe called for, I used some leftover of this lemon tahini dressing, combined with 1 lb shredded tofu, 1 head finely chopped broccoli, 1 shredded carrot and 1/2 cucumber, some oregano, mint and thyme. I served it on whole wheat bread with sliced tomato and avocado and Holy Delicious, Batman. It was more veggie than tofu, which I liked, and was super quick and easy, relatively healthy, and required no heat. That's four out of four, folks.

Tags: salads-unchicken, substitutes-meat-chicken
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