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what to do with jamaican bammies?

so i bought these things at the asian food store called "jamaican citron valley bammies", the ingredients are cassava, salt, and calcium propionate. they look like white hard round circular patties. i cant find any recipies on what to do with them though, most sites say just to fry them and eat them. some suggested soaking it in coconut milk before frying. do any of you have any experience with them or any better ideas? thanks a ton -mary

Bammy = a pancake shaped, deep-fried cassava bread, which is aid to originate with the Arawaks Indians. Bammy is commonly served with fried fish. A Jamaican flatbread that is very similar to a pancake. Bammy bread is made from grated cassava root that is pressed in a cloth to remove the liquid juice, then mixed with salt, formed into a small round shape, and placed on a baking sheet. The cassava is pressed down to decrease the thickness of the bread and is then baked on both sides, as the pancake-like bread is turned over once while baking. This bread is most often served as an accompaniment to fried fish or other fried foods.
this is what they look like raw:

and what the might look like after they are fried (minus the fish, ewww):
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