Marie (turbo_lover82) wrote in vegancooking,

Vegan Cookies & Volunteering

Okay, I have some questions & its short and simple;

Do egg replacers or switches for butter change the spreading of cookies? Does anything at all change the spreading (or anything) for cookies or is it the same as is if I was making "normal" cookies?

I'm not using using commercial products though. Oil, margarine, unsweetend applesauce, bananna, ect. are what I'm using. Do these change the flavor or texture also? I do not know how much or if we'll be using banana because the main teacher at my vocational center is not able to eat bananas though she will not be there.

These are all for middle school kids to make into cookie pizzas that have grown up in easily one of the worst places for food in Michigan. We're trying to give an alternative for many reasons ranging from allergies to curiosity.

Thank you in advance!
Tags: substitutes-dairy-butter, substitutes-eggs-for cookies
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