Kate-o-Matic (triptyched) wrote in vegancooking,

breaded tofu?

I made my first attempt at breading tofu last night and it wasn't not successful. Probably because I thought I could just toss my marinated tofu chunks in a bag, add bread crumbs, and shake--blame my Shake n' Bake upbringing! The breadcrumbs all came off while frying and became a crumbly burnt mess, leaving the tofu pretty bare. What's the right way to do this?

On the bright side, the tofu ended up being the tastiest tofu I've ever had. It spent the night draining in the fridge, marinated in veggie broth all day long, was fried with a bit of garlic and tomatoe, sprinkled with Italian seasonings, and clung to a few of the breadcrumbs. Tasted kinda like chicken nuggets (from what I remember about chicken nuggets anyway). I love when something good comes out of a mistake!
Tags: breaded-foods
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