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Vegan pancake update

I just wanted to thank everyone for their tips with cooking vegan pancakes. I made them a couple hours ago and everything turned out well! I used the Egg Replacer recipe (on the side of the box) simply because I need to make more use of my enerG. The recipe is basically the same as what everyone else mentioned anyway.

The texture no longer was chewy and gross. The pancakes were cooked evenly. And it tasted damn good with some bananas in the batter! Still, I would have preferred them having a fluffier feel, but they were good. From the comments I read, I see most people have trouble making them fluffy. Ah well, can't be perfect.

Also... something that has been bothering me about my veganism. Oftentimes when I'm really hungry, I just don't feel like going through recipes, measuring out this, stirring that, cooking it for 30 minutes, and whatever. So I often end up eating microwaveable meals, or making PBJ sandwiches for the millionth time (I love PBJ). And some of the microwaveable food isn't vegan, such as some of the Morningstar Farms food. I feel a little guilty about it, but at least it's supporting Morningstar and they help make vegetarianism more accessible to people? Any suggestions?
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