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Fast and nummy pasta

I've been craving casserole lately - the kind with loads of cheese and veggies and chicken. Time to come up with a substitute to make my inner child happy. I also had very little time yesterday, so I came up with this. Apologies for the lack of measurements - it is a very forgiving kinda thing, so just go for the texture you like best.

1 box Road's End Organics Shells and Chreese, cheddar style
frozen mixed veggies, about half a bag
2 Gardenburger flame grilled 'chicken' patties
Earth Balance margarine
'milk' of choice - I used Silk Enhanced
nutritional yeast
Garlic Gold and Garlic Gold oil (this is not a necessity, but wow, the flavor! I love this stuff. Mince up some fresh garlic - maybe 3 cloves - if you don't use this.)

Boil the pasta for 6 minutes. While that's going, fry the patties in oil, about 2 tablespoons, then remove them from the pan and put in the veggies and garlic, if using. Be careful, as the frozen veggies will make the oil spit a little. Chop the patties up and add those back into the frying pan. Keep it on med heat, until the veggies are thawed and the patties are a bit browned.
Drain the pasta, and in the saucepan add about 1 cup 'milk', the sauce packet, about 1 tablespoon margarine, a tablespoon of Garlic Gold (yes, I love it, but it can be left out), and about a 1/4 cup of nutritional yeast - do this a bit at a time, since you don't want it too dry. Go for saucy. Mix it all up well, then add in the pasta and the contents of the frying pan. Mix again and serve! Yum Yum!
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