hellebelle (hellebelle) wrote in vegancooking,

"sophisticated" recipes?

i am holding a recital at my house in about a month, and would like it to be an elegant and sophisticated occasion! the recital will be in the evening, at 8 PM, so people will probably have eaten dinner by then, but i'd still like to serve some food (cuz food is awesome!). does anyone know of any "sophisticated" recipes? like the vegan equivalent of strange looking hors d'oeuvres with salmon and roe and everything.

for last year's recital i made (pics of the food can be found here):

-chocolate dipped strawberries
-fruit platter
-pasta salad
-veggies and dip (hummus, creamy spinach, roasted red pepper hummus)
-bowl of olives
-lots of wine! (ok i didn't make this)
Tags: hors d'oeuvre, party foods &/or potlucks
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