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"Cheesy" rice.

As my house is still without a stove *shakes fist at landlord* I've been cooking all my meals in my rice cooker.  I've come up with a "cheesy rice" dish that works pretty well.  The omni boyfriend likes it too.  I don't use sorry about that.

What you'll need:
rice (of your choice.  Other grains like barely could be used too)
veggies (I use canned corn, frozen green beans, & water chestnuts)
Protein (veggie hot dogs or canned beans work well.  I use chickpeas)
flour (your choice...unbleached white or semolina work well)
nutritional yeast
vegan margarine
spices (I use salt, onion powder, and chopped garlic from a jar)

Throw the rice, veggies, protein, garlic (if you're using it...I'd suggest it) and a bit more water than you'll need in the rice cooker and set to cook. 
When the rice is cooked, turn off the heat or turn to "warm"
add nutritional yeast, spices, margarine, and tahini to your tastes.  Stir, then add the flour.  A little bit will do...only a few tsps. Stir until throurouly mixed, then eat!

I'd post a picture but I was hungry and ate it all before I finished typing this.
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