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raspberry/strawberry lemonade lamingtons

I made starwhore's chocolate lamingtons once and they were awesomesauce. I remembered the recipe saying jam could be added, and I'm in kind of a lemony summery mood, so...

If it's a sacrilege to call these lamingtons, let me know :P. I made a batch of Bryanna's Genoise cake (though the version in my cookbook is a little different from the linked one). I put it all in one pan instead of two round ones as directed, and used AP flour, which may account for the fact that it came out sorta extra-moist and with the top center region ever so slightly unbaked. Still not bad though. Anyway, yeah, one batch of yummy, rich white cake cut into 16 rectangles, four of which went MIA for various reasons before the glazing happened.

My mom hates strawberry, and I'm not fond of raspberry, and my brother and my boyfriend are scared of fruit, so I divided the squares into batches. For the filled ones, make a little pocket for the filling by inserting a butterknife and gently moving it up and down to push the cakeyness out of the way. Then put a tablespoon of your favorite all-fruit jam into the corner of a ziploc bag, twist it, snip the tip, and pipe in a blob.

The glaze was a variation on kittee's for her king cake--about 1 1/2 T. melted margarine, sift in 1 1/2-2c. powdered sugar, squeeze in some fresh lemon juice, and add a dash of vanilla if you need to take off the buttery/overly lemony edge (or just because vanilla belongs in EVERYTHING, except maybe sex). And maybe some soymilk to thin it. If your cake turns out better than mine, go ahead and dip the cake squares; mine was kinda crumbly/overly absorbent so I just painted the glaze onto the squares with a rubber spatula. Roll in (unsweetened) coconut as usual and set on a cooling rack until the glaze firms up. Next time I'm thinking I'll make the cake lemon and use the jam as the "glue" to hold the coconut on. These are probably good with iced tea, unless you don't like iced tea, which I don't.

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