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a (tofu) scramble for every weekend of the year

So I decided to try and make a different tofu scramble for brunch on each weekend of the year. We'll see how long I can keep coming up with different things. I unfortunately don't have a digital camera, otherwise there would be pictures.

1 package of firm tofu
two garlic cloves
brocolli florets
black olives, sliced
2 blue corn tortillas cut into small squares
a few T nutritional yeast*
1 t tumeric*
onion powder
salt & pepper
cayanne pepper
juice of half a lime
* I don't measure so this is an estimate. Just season to taste; I find that works well enough for me!

This is totally inspired by opening the fridge and finding something else I wanted to use. It went like this: melt "butter" in a skillet, press the garlic and add it to the butter. Crumble to the tofu into the pan and add the brocolli. Cook for awhile until the brocolli starts to turn bright green and the tofu gets a little color. Add olives, chickpeas, tortilla pieces, and spices. Add water, about 1/3 of a cup or so at a time (wait for it to evaporate before adding more), enough to not evaporate right away but not enough to slow down cooking or make things soggy. This helps the brocolli to cook more and gives the tofu a more eggy texture. It also helps distribute the spices but you could probably not do it and be fine. I add about a cup of water total? Squeeze in lime juice and turn off heat. I added some cilantro on my plate because my girlfriend doesn't like it, but you could probably throw it in at the end if no one in your party objects. It feeds three or four. Leftovers are good in a tortilla.

It was really good, though I added a bit too much tumeric (more than a teaspoon). Served with toast and a tall glass of mango peach orange juice with a wedge of lime made for a yummy brunch. I hope you all open your fridge and do something crazy-like with me and see what you can come up with!
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