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Appliance & Recipe Recommendation: Soy Quick, Bryanna Clark Grogan's Homemade Soymilk Recipe

We recently discovered a company selling the Soy Quick soymilk maker in the UK - at a discount. Plus 1/2 kilo of organic soybeans and a tofu press thrown in for free. Having had a bad experience with the SoyToy a few years ago, I was sure to read up; Bryanna Clark Grogan says she uses a SoyQuick, and that sealed the deal for me.

Using Bryanna Clark Grogan's detailed recipe for homemade soymilk using the SoyQuick makes perfect soymilk. I prefer the soybean+rice combination, and so does my husband. He is very picky about soymilks, and his Gold Standard test procedure these days is How Does It Taste In My Morning Cuppa? Apparently, rather good (also, the bloke who comes and waves a chainsaw at our hedges, who is not vegetarian, said it made a really nice brew [cup of tea]).

Now, the instructions on Bryanna's website seem a bit overwhelming because they're so detailed, but I found that the second time was perfect:

I boiled a kettle of water and scalded the jug and filled it to the maximum level with cold water.

Then I scalded the filter and added the beans+rice. Standing the filter upright on a level surface, I left it for a moment and scalded all the parts of the underside of the lid and mechanisms, screwed the filter on, and scalded the outside of the filter.

I then followed the instructions and let the machine do that thing it does. Voila! Frothy soybean+rice milk. Lovely jubbly.

I scalded a stainless steel pot and lid, and then I deviated from Bryanna's instructions: instead of a colander, I used a sieve/strainer - when I'd used a colander, the muslin I was straining the milk through just slid around, and much of the sediment was let through. This time, I used a boiled muslin over a scalded sieve placed over the pot - it took longer this way, but there was enough muslin around the sides for me to easily pick up the cloth and squeeze the milk out (using scalded rubber gloves, natch). This time, no spillage, perfect soymilk.
[EDIT]: I have since found that the colander works perfectly with a thin cotton tea towel.

It sounds time consuming, but in fact it was only a matter of minutes (excluding the actual making, of course, which took under 15 minutes), and second time around was pretty easy.

In short, I have seen that it is good and am well pleased. I'll be having a bash at almond milk and grain milks shortly, but I believe we have a winner, and one that will pay for itself in a respectably short time.
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