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Tofu scramble/breakfast burritos!

So, I have been cooking way too much lately, if there is such a thing as cooking too much, and what I've been making the most often is tofu scrambles that I usually put in a breakfast burrito. Aaaaand I made the best one ever this morning.

This is just for one person - you can adjust as you need, I guess. This is super approximate, anyway.

you need:
approx. 1/3 of a 1 lb package of tofu
vegetable oil
1/2 a medium-sized potato.
1/4 a can of black olives
A little Follow Your Heart vegan mozarella
Cumin powder
Chipotle powder
Chili powder
1 clove fresh garlic, sized to your preference - I pressed it but you can dice it, whatever.

Peel & boil the half potato until slightly soft (about 10-15 min). Chop up the olives. Dice the potato. Heat veg oil on a skillet & throw in potato & olives. Season with the cumin, chipotle, paprika, chili powder & garlic and let fry a little while, agitating occasionally. Put tofu in a plastic bag with tumeric & crumble inside bag. Once the potato is slightly browned, mix in the tofu. Dice a little vegan mozarella and throw in on top. Fry until tofu is preferred consistency & cheese is a bit melted.

Serve by itself, with salsa, or on tortillas! <--- that recipe is excellent, it's the one I used for mine.
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