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Hummus, soup, tofu, cake

I started to make hummus only to realize I was out of tahini. And olive oil. Olive oil? Yes, I was actually out of olive oil!! So, I decide I'm going to add this:

And ohmigourd, it was so good. Sweet and loaded with garlic it was amazing in the hummus.

While I baked up some whole wheat tortilla, I snacked on tofu from the night before. It wasnt very good the night of - but the next day I added some liquid smoke and more sauce and lemme tell ya... I'm going to make it again.

Ooooh, tortilla chips were done


A mish mash soup with pasta, lentils, canned tomatoes, baby bok choy, spinach, broc, onions, garlic.. and a wack of other things I had lying about.

This is a few months old but it's my birthday cake and it's vegan and it's Darth Vader so it needed to be posted. I dont have pictures of the inside but it was a chocolate layer cake with vegan boston creme filling. I'm pretty sure she used a basic wacky cake recipe and the filling was bought. The best thing about being vegan is that someone makes that extra effort to make you a birthday cake every year. Last year it was Severus Snape - this year Darth Vader.. I cant wait to see next year's!
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