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Thai Peanut Tofu

OK this is something I put together from a few different sources. Tried it for dinner with my g/f last night, it was great. Here's the recipe we used (measurements might be weird, I'm not a damn chef I'm just somebody that throws stuff together :-P)

Thai Peanut Tofu:
1 Green, 1 Red Pepper
1/2 package of mushrooms
1 onion. We used a sweet onion
1 package of tofu. We used extra firm, it's a personal preference. Any kind would probably work.
1 bottle of Peanut sauce. I'd imagine you can make your own, I bought some called Bangkok Padang peanut sauce. I almost died of sadness when I found out Trader Joes stopped selling their peanut sauce.
1 bottle of soy sauce.
Corn starch


Drain tofu... I normally wrap it in towels and sit a few plates on top of it. Once drained, cut in to bite size cubes.
Cut veggies. I cut the onions in to slivers, and the peppers in to chunks. Whatever floats your boat on this one. The mushrooms I bought were pre-sliced (I'm lazy).
I normally start the rice in my rice maker once I'm done cutting everything up.


First off, the entire time I'm cooking I tend to add spices. I was very liberal in my use of ground pepper and garlic during the creation of this meal :-)

Put the veggies in a 12" skillet. Peppers first, onions second, mushrooms last. This part is really up to you, I don't like my peppers too soggy, onions need to be a little burned, etc. It's all about what makes ya happy. I put oil in first, then some of the peanut sauce, then some of the soy sauce.

Cover the tofu on all sides with some corn starch. I did this by putting some corn starch on a plate and rolling the tofu in it. It was very messy, but fun. I then put it in a deep fryer for about 2-4 minutes at 300 degrees. If you don't have a deep fryer you can put it in a skillet or a wok with some peanut or vegetable oil and cook it for a few minutes. I don't like to cook mine too long, I just want to get it a little crispy on the outside.

Your vegetables should be simmering off to the side, and you should now have some crispy tofu that looks kind of white. I then threw the tofu in a skillet with some peanut and soy sauce, and browned it. Once browned on all sides, mix it in with the veggies. I used a whole package of tofu, if you do the same you might want to do this (and the deep frying) in two batches so you have some room to work with.

Put some rice in a bowl, and put the mixture on top. It really tastes amazing.

Here are some pictures of the meal as it was cooking. No finished pics because we were really hungry at the end ;-)

(click for bigger version)

Some white zinfandel. I like to drink when I cook... We had some brownies too, but no pictures of those :-P

Green/red peppers, onions, mushrooms slowly simmering.

Tofu from the deep fryer. It is very light and crispy tasting.

Get all four sides of the tofu covered with the peanut and soy sauce. It should look nice and brown.

Finally, mix the tofu in with the veggies. Serve on top of rice. You can pour some peanut sauce on the top for extra flavor. The peanut sauce we used was very good, and a little spicy.
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