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Veggie options in Providence, RI?

Hello all, and sorry if this is slightly off-topic... but I only seem to get good responses from this group on these questions! I suppose it's because we all love food so much. :o)

Anyhoo, I'm making an impromptu trip to Providence, RI today, and will be staying overnight. I can't seem to find too many veggie/veggie friendly restaurants. Melanie's Vegan Eden looks cool, but it's not open Sundays and Mondays. :o( Other than that, there's one in Pawtucket that I may try to visit, if it's not far...

So. Can anyone suggest places in Providence (or Newport for that matter, since we'll be doing the Cliff Walk) that can provide a vegetarian with a good meal? It does not need to be a strictly vegetarian establishment. Thanks for any input!
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