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You can call me Edith

Bread salad with cannellini

Bread salad with cannellini

  • Bed of lettuce

  • Layer of cannellini mixed with artichoke tapanade (out of a jar and not very good. This would be better with coarsely chopped marinated artichoke hearts), olive oil (yes, extra), lemon juice, salt, and ribbons of fresh basil.

  • Bread salad is chopped heirloom tomato, chunks of toasted bread (drizzled with olive oil as they came out of the toaster oven), quartered baby red onions, broiled with olive oil and golden balsamic vinegar; oil-cured olives, more olive oil and golden balsamic vinegar, minced raw garlic, and salt. Toss that all together and let it sit for just a few minutes so the bread soaks up a little bit of the dressing and tomato juice without getting soggy.

  • More basil chiffonade on top.

    One more shot to see the full presentation:

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