laura (lola_joan) wrote in vegancooking,

request: tofu croutons

Why does LJ hate me? I'm 100% positive I put a recipe for tofu croutons (it was a fun post, too, that described how the tofu pops like popcorn in the oven!) in my memories, and it's not there now, and I can't find it in the index...

So, now I have to ask you lovely folks:

How do you make tofu croutons? I'm thinking I'll dice the tofu (I bought firm), toss it with some coating-stuff (nut. yeast, garlic salt, oregano, celery salt, maybe even bread crumbs?) and bake it on a non-stick pan, at maybe 350 for 10 minutes or so.

Does that sound even remotely reasonable?

Thank you!
Tags: techniques-tofu
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