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Pierogies, etc.

As a treat for my boyfriend, since his closest grocery store switched to a brand of pierogies that have egg in them, I spent Sunday afternoon making pierogies from scratch. And since he loves broccoli, I decided to make broccoli-potato pierogies! Weird, eh? They were yummy though!

To make the dough, I combined:

3 C flour
1 Tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 C water

I stirred it up and then kneaded it a bit, divided it in 2 chunks and stuck it in the fridge to rest while I made the filling. Then I attempted rolled it out on a floured surface, and discovered that it was VERRRRY rubbery. I stretched it out like pizza dough until it was pretty big, and then rolled it until it was thin enough. I'm thinking that maybe the kneading was unnecessary... it did end up a little tough. I cut circles using a tupperware container, put about a tablespoon (or a bit more) of filling in each, wetted the edges and pressed them closed.

The filling was:

1 largish potato, mashed
1 medium head of broccoli, chopped finely and steamed until tender
a blob of margarine
salt, pepper, nutritional yeast

I just beat it all together with my electric beaters, but I could have used the food processer if I'd wanted to avoid broccoli chunks.

(This made about 2 dozen good-sized pierogies, which is enough to feed about 4 people.)


Notice how they're all pretty and tidy with nice crimped edges... well, that didn't last.
I wasn't going to be preparing them until Monday, so I left them out on a cooling rack to dry for a few hours, and then put them in tupperware with waxed paper between the layers, and stuck them in the fridge for a day. When I tried to get them out to cook them, they were all wet and gooey, and stuck to the paper, and stuck to each other at the edges where the paper didn't reach, and it was a fiasco... some of them got rather mangled and then exploded in the water. :( So they don't look as nice in the after photo. To cook them, I used the normal method of boiling until they floated and then frying in a little oil. I served them with Yves spicy Italian sausage (sliced and fried), and salad with tofu croutons! and maple/balsamic dressing. Yum yum!

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