we too are stardust (im_sassy) wrote in vegancooking,
we too are stardust

ripe avocados

i get about eight avocados every other week from my csa. i love avocados but this is way too much for me and nobody else really shares my produce with me. i'm wondering a few things:

is there any way i can store avocados so they take longer to ripen?

if i mash up ripe avocado and refrigerate it, how long will this last in my fridge?

what if i mashed it up and froze it?

do you all store your avocados in the fridge or on the counter? can i put them in the fridge for a few days then take them out to continue ripening?

anybody in the los angeles area want some organic local avocados for the duration of the time that i'm still receiving them? maybe you have a fruit tree or something that i could have a little something from in exchange, or...?

my favorite thing to do with avocados is to mash them up with some garlic powder, some onion powder, some nonhydrogenated tofutti cream cheese, and maybe some nutritional yeast. those last two items are optional and i leave them out with good results when i don't have them around. i then put it between two pieces of bread and grill it up like a grilled cheese sandwich. it is so good!
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