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mmm tej!

i got my hands on a few bottles of vegan wine last night (sutter home white zif, which is wonderfully inexpensive and widely available) and decided to try my hand at making vegan tej (ethiopian honey wine). i used agave nectar in lieu of honey (madhava brand - it's the only kind they sell at my local health food store), and it turned out really, really well. how well, you ask? well, it's 1:45 in the afternoon and i just got out of bed. the fella is still asleep. so there you go. 

i used the following method:

Mix together 1/4c agave nectar with about 1 1/2c water. Mix this with 2c white wine. Chill, then get your drink on. 

this is a very sweet wine, and goes down quite easily. if you're planning on making mass amounts to store for later, be sure that you recork your bottle well, because you'll want to give it a bit of a shake before pouring it, just to make sure the water and wine haven't begun to separate.  

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