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Frosting help?

Made some cupcakes the other day - baking n00b style - using a box of cake mix and diet coke. The cake itself actually turned out quite good, if a little dry, except for the first cupcake which tasted like solid diet coke, because of the coke rising to the top of the mix I guess.

ok, now the frosting. Plain buttercream should technically be a no brainer - margarine, icing sugar, splash of soymilk - yes? But we forgot to get icing sugar so had to split the sugar portion half-half with Splenda.

Oh dear.
Problems with frosting:
1) tasted very strongly of margarine, it didn;t go with the cakes at all
2) it was very runny, would flatten and thin out and spill over the tops of the cakes.
3) gave me post-artificial-sweetener depression
4) after a while it turned into this:

It looked more like a glaze with weird and not-very-appetising fibrous structures (I'm guessing this is the Splenda). I think the runny-ness is probably because of margarine though - it was the tub type, plus it's always warm here, hence the crazy melty mess (?)
I'd buy margarine sticks but I can't seem to find them anywhere :/

Is there a recipe for "frosting" that doesn't require margarine?

Was thinking of just a ton of icing sugar mixed with a little soymilk to form a paste, since I don't need to pipe it. Basically I just need to spread it on and make sure it actually stays ON the cake!
Tags: -failed-recipes&disasters, desserts-cakes-frostings
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