Patience (yes, my real name.) (petienka) wrote in vegancooking,
Patience (yes, my real name.)

Zucchini Bread for Machine???

Bread machine owners out there -- anyone have a guaranteed vegan recipe for Zucchini Quick Bread, specifically for bread machines? (sweet style in particular -- I myself have a good recipe for a yeasted savory one.) I checked the index and found recipes for regular 'oven-baked' zucchini bread -- however, firing my oven up today would be practically suicide it's so hot. Meanwhile the garden zucchini is piling up. My machine has a 'quick bread' setting -- it occurs to me I could set it outside on the porch (away from us) and let it do its' thing. But before I try adapting a regular recipe, just thought I'd check if anyone knew specifically of a bread machine one. Thanks!
Tags: -appliances-bread makers, breads-zucchini-bread
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