~Magical Girl Fumie~ (fumie) wrote in vegancooking,
~Magical Girl Fumie~

Party/Dessert ideas?

Well, my birthday is in a week, and I'm having a smallish tea party. Does anyone have some suggestions (and recipes ^^) of what kinds of desserts to serve? I've only ever made vegan cookies, and while they are delicious, something more cake-ish would be nice. Most of my friends are very open to vegan food, so it can be made of tofu or something else "weird". However, none of us care for chocolate and it cannot contain nightshades (not that many desserts do anyway...)

Also, any suggestions for snacks and such? So far my ideas are vegetables and tortilla chips and hummus. o_o Again, they have to be nightshade free.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: desserts-cakes, party foods &/or potlucks
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