lisa (idreamofblue) wrote in vegancooking,

fried okra update

for those who were interested:
so i boiled the okra in water until it was bright green, then drained it and rinsed with cold water (is this blanching?)
then i dipped it by handfuls into soymilk, then covered in bread crumbs, then put into skillet with heated oil (med heat)

i have to say this was very messy and kind of gross. the slime on the okra was the consistency of snot, but once i got over it (the bread crumb step) it was ok.

i cooked it till the breading was brown and crisp, but most of the breading fell off, and so i ended up with okra + fried bread.
i was disappointed, but it still tasted great and hubby had 2nds and 3rds, so i guess it was pretty good!
Tags: vegetables-okra
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