noandmopo (noandmopo) wrote in vegancooking,

Desperate for Mousse

Hello All,
Although I havent posted in forever, I am constantly reading everyone's wonderful posts. Thanks for all of the ideas, smartvegans ;D

I have finally been pushed from my nearly-stalker-status in this community, because I have an urgent question that only you guys could answer:

I have silken tofu, and want to make chocolate mousse. However, I have no vegan chocolate chips/etc. I am staying with someone, and their cooking stock only contains vegan cocoa powder, and vegan liquid-chocolate (You know, the stuff you put over Ricedream, or mix into soymilk to make chocolate milk?). Are either of these suitable substitutions? I am not looking to make a gourmet dessert... I just want to impress my host.

Thanks in advance for any help! :)
Tags: desserts-chocolates, desserts-mousse, techniques-desserts
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