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Feeding a Picky Omni 8-Year Old

I have a challenge.

My boyfriend's daughter is 8-years old, & apparently no one forces her to try foods like the adults did in my house. Thus, she has what I will politely call a discerning palate. That is, she doesn't like to try things & if she's decided she doesn't want to like something, she'll try it & then spit it out with a horrified look on her face even though I know darn well it tastes delicious. Other than that, she's an awesome kid, so I want to do something special for her.

Tonight, I want to make her something that will pass as "normal" to her eyes but has "weird" ingredients. Basically, I want to trick the kid into eating something vegan (or at least vegetarian -- I'm willing to bend for an omni 8-year old) & I want her to like it, dammit!

She doesn't often fall for "fake" things, such as soy dogs. She won't eat beans & some vegetables (though we sometimes make her eat these since that is just an 8-year old thing). Things I have seen her eat include plain pasta with butter, plain lettuce, & macaroni & cheese. I have pasta, avocado, tomato, tofu & swiss chard in the house, but I don't care what the meal is, or if I have to go buy all the ingredients, I would just like it to be healthy, filling, kid-friendly & tasty. I was thinking about going to get the Morningstar Farms "chicken" nuggets, but I'd much rather make something from scratch than resort to desperate measures.

Any ideas?

Parents, babysitters, etc. -- what do you feed the picky kids in your life?

Thanks in advance for whatever you can offer.
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