enemy of Leon (friend_of_tofu) wrote in vegancooking,
enemy of Leon

Help with leftovers

I'm helping out my omni partner with getting rid of some food their housemate left behind, but I'd like to be able to eat what we make too. I'd really appreciate some easy suggestions which don't require any expensive/exotic/non-UK-based ingredients.

a) Large bowl of cooked white jasmie rice. I was thinking fried rice balls, or a rice loaf, but can't find any appealing recipes in the memories. He also has frozen sweetcorn and som parsley and thyme, and maybe a pepper.

b) Old bread. I want to make a bread pudding (NOT a bread and butter pudding) but one which doesn't require cream or a similar substitute. Is just soy milk enough? And how can I do it.

All input greatly appreciated, I shall be taking round the recipes in a couple of hours.
Tags: breads, grains-rice
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