January 11th, 2004

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get some chocolate so-good ice cream and leave it out for a minute or two so it softens up then put chopped nuts in and EAT. no bowl is necessary, the tub is plenty fine. this is oh so simple and oh so good.

(i'm not sure if so-good is only available in australia? i suspect not)
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I have never been a big fan of cheese, which is probably why I haven't craved it much since becoming vegan. My only experience with faux cheese was some Road's End Organics Shells and Chreese, which was...interesting. I wasn't expecting it to taste just like regular mac 'n cheese, but the odd aftertaste threw me for a loop. I've been tempted to try some fake mac 'n cheese recipes, but I don't want to buy nutritional yeast if the taste of the shells and chreese is typical for fake mac 'n cheese recpies....

Ok, I'm rambling now. I hope that wasn't confusing. Basically, is the taste of the shells and chreese representative of most fake cheese recipes? That's what my question boils down to. Thank you!

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I'm craving nachos. Anyone know of a (vegan) cheese good for this purpose, or something I can whip up that will taste just like it? I'm looking for something that's as similar as possible to Velveeta cheese.

Also, anyone know of a way I can fix up regular corn chips to taste like Dorito's?