January 14th, 2004

Me Smiling

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Hey. *PSST*

Anyone have a good recipie for Kale?

Not so long ago I was perusing my friends list and on one of my many veg communities an intreuging shaven-headed (by the looks of his icon) guy posted an intro with a simple recipie for kale behind a cut tag.

Fully bent on making this delicious-sounding creation I went to my local whole foods and aquired some kale and hot sauce to make said happy recipie...only to find out that I had forgoten to file it away in my LJ's memories.

And yes the search thus far has been fruitless. poo.

So if anyone remembers that recipie (All I remember is that it called for garlic and hot sauce. beh. memory) would you be so kind as to pass it on?

And as I'm on a kale fiend here, any nummy kale recipies that you would like to share will be happily yummed up as well!

Thaaaaank you.