January 25th, 2004

Montreal feet
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I want to make a vegetable soup where I end up blending most of it. It will include potatoes, broccoli and corrots. Can anyone suggest good spices/flavours to add?

Spices/etc that I have:
-veggie broth cubes
-chili powder
-nutritional yeast
-apple cider vinegar
-ginger powder

PS:: Supposedly (and I am apt to agree), we should all be cooking with coconut oil because it is the most resistant to becoming a trans-fatty under heat.

The Dilemma

Ok, suppose I don't want to use margarine, right?

Would substituting olive oil for margarine when making pseudo-sponge cake be a reasonable replacement or should I just resign myself to using margarine? I'm trying to make a vegan version of tiramisu.

Suggestions, anyone?

I mya have mentioned earlier that I live in a vegan co-op. Every weeknight and Sundays, generally there are about 20 people who eat dinner here (generally we cook for 30, for guests and leftovers), and we rotate cooking duty. This Wednesday will be my first time to cook, along with another person who has been here a while longer than I have but who doesn't necessarily pride himself on his cooking abilities. We've decided to make a fairly simple meal of vegan chili (I have a recipe that's worked great for me, I may post it here later in the week), rice, and steamed vegetables. However, since it is my first time to cook for the house, I want to, if possible, make some sort of good and memorable side dish/appetizer/dessert and set a high standard for my meals. I don't really want anyone eating out on Wednesday nights in the future, you know?

My criteria for a memorare as follows: My cooking partner doesn't want to get really involved, so I'll have to basically make it by myself. While I've allocated about 3-4 hours of cooking time for dinner on Wednesday, remember that I've got to cook the dinner as well. I have to be able to serve about 20 people. There's a total meal budget of about $30, including everything else I've mentioned (but not stock items like rice and spices), so while I don't hold myself to that strictly, if I go over, the money will have to come out of my own pocket. I'm looking for any sort of side dish/dessert/appetizer that you may have tried in the past and and enjoyed. Suggestions, please?