January 28th, 2004

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My mom offered to make me a vegan dish while I am home this weekend, and I found a yummy-looking vegan quiche recipe on vegweb. It calls for 1/3 cup of oil, but being weight-conscious, I'd really like to use as little fat as possible. How much could I reduce it by without seriously affecting the recipe? Is there some substitute? Thanks!

a call for all the excellent/unusual muffin recipes you know of.

my story: i really really really want to open up a vegan bakery/ coffee shop/ tea house in center city philly, and i personally also want to cut back on my hydrogenated oil consumption, thanks to bothering (and the relatively inexpensive cereals all have loads of hydrogenated oils in them) so, i have decided to start experimenting with muffin recipes now... before i open the business...... (it will be so fun) besides muffins are quick and easy, and tasty as all heck.

so, your mission should you choose to accept it, is list as many awesome muffin recipes you have fallen in love with.... the weirder the better.... fat free, full fat, extra fat, they're all good for me!
(feedback on each recipe would be excellent as well)
i will list my favorite muffins in a reply to this post instead of in the post itself

thank you in advance for all your yummy muffin recipes. YAY!!!! MUFFINS!!!!!!
and feel free to reply months and months down the road if you happen to find another excellent muffin recipe. the more the merrier
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Soya beans

Ok, I bought a HUGE bag of soya beans, cos it was cheap and I was interested...

And I have no idea what to do with them.

Any ideas?

A way to make them roasted (soya "nuts") would be great too, as I give them to my rats, but I don't know if they're meant to be boiled first or something.



Hey guys,

I'm making a casserole tonight on which you're supposed to sprinkle bread crumbs. I didn't buy the breadcrumbs at the store because they weren't vegan. Can you suggest some sort of alternative? Maybe something tasty for the top? If it helps, it's a tomato, white kidney bean and asparagus casserole.


Marinated Tofu

I tried out a new marinade I found for tofu, and turned out really nice. It's from a German cookbook called "Tofu" from Verena Krieger:
250g Tofu
Pepper and/or ginger, curry, paprika, sambal oelek
1 clove garlic, pressed or cut
1-2 tbsp vinegar
a few drops roasted (dark) sesame oil
2 tbsp soy sauce

Pack tofu tightly in a suitable box/bowl/whatever and cover with ingredients. Turn tofu from time to time.

Comments: I left out the ginger and the sambal oelek. I didn't have anything to pack the tofu tightly in, so to cover everything I put some more soy sauce and vinegar in plus some water. I used rice vinegar.

It smelled quite funny, but once it was fried it tasted quite delicious - my omnivorous boyfriend liked it as well.

Kamut! help me out here, folks!

Okay, so I just recieved a gift of a bunch of rolled kamut flakes (like rolled oats... but kamut). I am not sure what to do with them... any interesting and/or favourite recipes? It's got a neat, rather sweet flavour. I might cook some up like oatmeal tomorrow, but other than that and apple crisp I am drawing a blank.

And I would like to add that one of the many definitions of happiness should be a big bag of perfectly ripe organic pears. I am in heeeeeeaaven.