January 30th, 2004

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ive heard a lot of you talk about tofu, and of course ive had it before.
but ive never bought it and cooked it.
so my question is:
what is your favorite type of tofu and what do you like to use it in?

i also bought some vegan bean soup the other day.
i added some vegetables and spices, but it was really bland.
what brands of canned bean soup do you like the best?
On the ferry

Vietnamese Crepes

Today I had this fabulous thing I'd never even heard of, and now I want to make it. It's a Vietnamese crepe, which the server swore was vegan, made with garbanzo flour and coconut milk. I've found one recipe online that I'll try if I don't hear anything else, but it's clearly different from what I had (calls for whole mung beans and rice flour) so I thought I'd try here.

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Leftover Couscous

I got some left-over couscous from today - cooked some for my sister and me, but she didn't want to eat it.
Does anybody has some good recipe with them - Burgers or something? I guess I could just pour boiling water on top of it to warm it up tomorrow, but I thought maybe I could do something a bit more creative. The only couscousburger recipe I found requires it to have been cooked in a strong broth.