February 3rd, 2004


spring rolls

about a month ago i came across vegan spring roll wrappers, i had never seen vegan ones at the store before, so i happily bought the largest package, and even found some clear noodles, excited about the prosprect.

Its been a month, i havent even opened the package yet. opps.

but do any of you guys make spring rolls? what do you put in them? do you make your own dipping sauce? what do you put in that?

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While perusing frostings one day after unsuccessfully trying to make my own, i discovered that some really yummy duncan hines and pillsbury frostings only had mono and di-glycerides in them, so i decided to email them both and see the source for them, hoping they'd be vegetable so i could use them on my yummy wacky cake and vegan chocolate death cakes. I haven't heard back from pillsbury yet, but duncan hines emailed me this morning. YAY!! Collapse )