February 4th, 2004

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New here

Hello all i am new here.And partly new to Vegan life.I just now completed getting completly off dairy and i am working my way completly off meat.Mind you i have not ate red meat in 7 years so i am getting myself off chicken.Hope to get some really good recipes from this place.And i am glad i found this community.

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egg substitute?

i want to make savoury crepes for dinner sometime this week. i have a recipe but wanted to know what would be the best type of egg replacer to use for this?

don't have flax seeds lying around so something else would be better. maybe something with arrowroot cuz we have that.
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lemon broccoli

Hi everybody! This is what I cooked for lunch. I didn't make up the original recipe, as I ripped it off from one of the many vegan cookbooks online, and tried it out, jolting down some comments and thoughts. Has anybody tried this one before?

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last call!

i'm wrapping up the vegan cooking zine i'm doing at the end of the this month. if anyone would like to submit any kinds of recipes, 'why i'm vegan' essays, personal experiences dealing with veganism, activism, interaction, or education, photos of animal rights oriented tattoos, etc. you can email them to me (kandiss) at itsmyonlinepersona@yahoo.com. please email them as opposed to replying here, that would be a great help! include your name, email address, and/or city and state so that you can get the credit you deserve. thanks! i'll post when the zine is finished and ready to acquire. <3 <3 <3
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Van's Gourmet Waffles

The following waffles are "vegan".

Van's Organic Waffles
Van's Wheatfree Waffles

Good luck and have a great day.

Mark K.
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Van's International Foods, Inc.

experimentation in peanut butter and saurkraut

hmmmm.... i wonder what a peanut butter and saurkraut sandwich tastes like.... i'm a little afraid to try it..... but am hella curious. have any of you actually had anything like this?
i don't think i am going to try it now..... :-/ but i may try it some day....
has anyone tried it? or does anyone have any suggestions for weird sandwich combinations?

for example, pickle and potato chip sandwiches are really tasty.
(i swear, i am not pregnant! just curious.)

::edit:: list any of the odd combinations of foods you have found to be unusually tasty. thanks.
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easy appetizers for a baby shower

another girl and i are responsible for our friend's baby shower coming up in march. the other hostess is responsible for coming up with the meat eaters appetizer recipes, and i, the vegan and vegetarian. the girl we're having the shower for, so far, has come up with 60+ people to invite!! (it's NOT a lady's only deal) i was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for easy to make finger foods/appetizers that would be yummy and feed a lot of people?? or a good website to get ideas from? also, i'm gonna make the vegan cake. i already have a few recipes for that in mind, but if anyone has one they really like-let me know! i thank you for any advice in advance! i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed (with the recipes, plus invitations, plus game ideas, plus party favors, plus decorations, plus gifts, plus...).
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All right, I'm having a total craving for Red Lobster's cheese biscuits.
Perhaps a vegan biscuit recipe, maybe add in some nutritional yeast, artifical butter, and a smidge of mustard powder?
Im searching the copy cat recipes now.. frustrating.
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Ice Cream Maker

I just got an electric ice cream maker at a thrift shop. Anyone have some good recipes for vegan ice cream? I'd also like a versatile recipe for sorbet that I can try with a variety of fruits. Thanks!