February 5th, 2004

asian cooking! big time.

is anyone here very skilled at asian cooking and getting around an oriental market/grocery store? i'm not talking just tofu and stirfry, here, either. i know the basics of asian cooking when it comes to what americans are familiar with. i'm talking all of those crazy mock meats, sea vegetables i've never heard of, drinks and soymilk brands that look totally unfamiliar to me, and how to USE them. and how to decipher packaging, etc. i want to be able to go in there and get around on my own without having to ask too many questions (the asian market nearest me doesn't have any employees that speak very fluent english). are there any websites on the internet that sell those products and maybe have ingredients along with them? websites with recipes and learning info? anything you guys could tell me?


the best vegan lasagne recipe.... lost

years and years ago, i had made a vegan lasagne, and it was probably the best i have ever made.... i have no idea where the recipe had gone to... nor where i found it originally. but i remember a little bit about it....

it said to make a margarine/flour roux type of thing, to use crumbled firm tofu... i don't remember if it said to use spinach or not.... and then it suggested to put some soy cheese on top. it was muy excellente. indeed....

does anyone know what recipe i am talking about? help me please. thank you.
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Raw Apple Pie

I had to share this! I just made it and is it YUMMY!

mmmkay, sinceI didn't measure anything and substituted like crazy, I'll post the orginial recipe and then what I created.

"Heather's Amazing Apple pie
(serves 3 or more depending on if you eat as much as I did!)
* 1/4C pecans
* 1/4C walnuts
* 4 medjool dates(From the Date People, just got 15lbs., their amazing!)

Mix in a food processor w/ spread thin(or thick, make more than above) on plate

* 1 or 2 apples chopped in food processor(would be great w/ peaches instead,Where are they?)
* 1/4 tspn cinnamon
* 1/8 tspn tspn nutmeg
* 1/2 tspn lemon juice(optional)

* Spread mix over crust
* Chop 3/4C pecans and spread around the circumference of pie, Takes about 5 minutes to make"

Leanne' Variation...

I had no pecans, so istead I used a large handful of walnuts with some almonds and sunflower seeds thrown in. Raw nuts and seeds... the yummiest! Also, i had no dates. Haha... but I did have some organic dried turkish apricots, which taste pretty datey to me, meaning I can't eat them by themselves :P too sweet.
Also, since I didn't measure, I think i at least doubled everything. So I used around 6 to 8 apricots that I had soaked in a bit of water first.

Process the hell out of it (break up the nuts fist, THEN add the fruit!), and then press it onto something. I used a pie plate, I would recommend something flatter so it's easier to serve.

I processed three apples next, added as much cinammon and ground cloves (out of nutmeg) as I wanted, along with a splash of lemon juice and a smidgen of maple syrup (I live in the land of maple syrup, after all).

Pat that all nicely onto the top of the crust. Demolish it.


I think I will make something out of just the nut mixture itself. Heavenly, hell yes.