February 16th, 2004

  • misfit

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In my quest to try some vegan cheese recipes, I made the Classic White Uncheese from Vegan Vittles. My main reason for attempting this recipe is because I want to make a cheesy lasagna and I've heard great things about Joanne Stepaniak's "cheese" recipes.

I just tried a piece, and it is awful. Maybe it's because I'm still getting used to the flavor of nutritional yeast, but it tasted nothing like cheese. It tasted like a solidified form of nutritional yeast and nothing else. Is it supposed to taste like this? I wasn't expecting it to be a dead ringer for the real thing, but this doesn't seem to be remotely close.

If anyone has other recipes for a solidified "cheese" (not just a cheesy sauce) that have worked for you, I would really appreciate it. Otherwise, I'll have to give in and buy some Tofutti cheese for my lasagna :(