February 17th, 2004

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Let me just say that I love this communtiy. So many good ideas and advice!!!

I've got a few lbs of dry beans. I bought them a very long time ago and now I want to do something with them. I have a pound of pintos and a pound of yellow lentils. I dont neccesarily wanna use them in the same recipe. I want to make something other than the traditional pot o beans or what not.

Vegetarian sauce for pizza

I know this is a vegancooking site but i however have a friend coming for dinner next week who is a vegetarian and i would like to make her vegetarian pizza with artichokes, tomatoes and brocolli alas.. i do not have the recipe for the sauce that is needed...could anyone help me out?...and perhaps a vegan bread would taste better? any suggestions?
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The best sandwitch ever!

Apple "Cheese" Melt


2 slices whole grain or oat bread
1 apple of your choice
Few slices of vegan cheese of your choice

Slice the apple into a few thin slices (enough to cover bread).

Slice the cheese thinly to cover the apples.

Thinly coat a pan with vegetable oil or cooking spray.

Put the sandwich together and grill lightly on each side until cheese is melted. It melts better if you put a lid on the pan so the heat gets captured.

You can use whatever is left of the apple to toss with a few greens and some dressing for a side salad.

** Variation: Toast the bread lightly first. Then layer sliced apples and cheese on each piece of bread and put under broiler for an open-face sandwich.
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