February 18th, 2004

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Anyone ever attempted a vegan fondue? I'd like to come up with something savory, if not specifically "cheese-style" that would solidify slightly when you take it out of the fondue pot. Any ideas?
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Sweet soya milk the Cornell Way

  • Pick over and wash 1 cup dry soybeans (organic, locally grown).

  • In an oversize bowl, soak in 3 cups cold water for ~12 hours, refrigerated.

  • Drain and rinse beans.

  • Preheat blender with 2 cups boiling water, blending for ~ 1 min.

  • Grind one third of the beans with 2 cups boiling water for 3 mins (insulate blender to maintain high temperature).

  • Strain and squeeze through 2 thicknesses of muslin, reserving okara (solids) and milk (liquid).

  • Repeat for second and third batches.

  • Simmer milk, stirring to avoid sticking, for ~30 min.

The milk should be mild and sweet. Keep refrigerated and use within 3 days.

I haven't yet tried the tofu I then made, nor the okara. More when I do!
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heya...im new here!
does anyone have a recipe for vegan gravy (to go with biscuits) that *doesn't* contain nutritional yeast?? i know its super yummy, but im from australia and its really hard to get out here...


pizza crust

i generally make my own pizza crusts, but i found and bought some of that 'follow your heart' brand cheese, and i want to try it on pizza, and i hear its SPECTACULAR so i need a SPECTACULAR pizza crust to match its wonder.
Usually I make a part wholewheat-part white bread dough that is pretty outstanding, but is somewhat healthy.
i also stole some amazing toppings for it too--mushrooms and olives and broccli and pineapple.....mmmm

so, whats your fav pizza crust recipe? how do you make your pizza as good (or better) than papa johns/pizza hut.

i want it to have lots and lots of fat in it, coz i would like this to be the best pizza ever.

so help me out, yo!
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