February 21st, 2004

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I remember seeing a cookie recipe on vegweb that was basically daikon radish (I HOPE it was daikon, because I just bought one) and syrup. I can't find it now. Does anyone have this recipe?


i have some plaintains that are rotting away on the counter. i bought them on sale last week and forgot about them.

i dont think they'll be good tomorrow and im not able to eat all of them today... can you peel and freeze them like bannanas, then pull them out and fry them? (that might be gross.)

should i cook them; then refridgerate them and eat them as leftovers?

can you refridgerate uncooked ones, or do they get gross like bannanas?


Maple Syrup

OK. I am trying my hand at vegan baking, but with little success-- in fact nothing has turned out using substitutions in regular recipes, so I bought some cook books. I have been disappointed, however. Every recipe for vegan baked goods that I encounter calls for maple syrup. What is the deal?
I do not stock maple syrup in my house and do not care for the way it tastes in things. I would prefer to use "normal" (unbleached, of course)sugar. Does anyone know what the purpose of the syrup is in recipes? Is it only to sweeten? How could I substitute granulated sugar for it? Will it affect the texture or the success of the recipe?