February 22nd, 2004

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Vegan Potluck Cookzine #3 is Published!!!

NEW!!!*Unbound Books Vegan Potluck Cookzine issue #3!!! by Unbound Books Collective. Articles; "Police Brutality and You," "Animal Liberation and Human Liberation," "What's Wrong With McDonald's," "Why Vegan?" and resources. Includes recipes; Vegan Lasagna, Mediterranean Salad, Lazy Punk Lentil Soup, Fan-Fucking-Tastic Corn Chowder, Fuck the I.N.S. Hummus, Salsa Cruda Version 2.0, Candied Apple sauce, Saved-From-The-Dumpster Apple Sauce, Bread and Roses...well, maybe just bread (bread maker recipe), Italian Bread (handmade recipe), Vegan Banana Bread, and Chocolate Pecan Brownies. All recipes are from the homemade food that was made for the third Unbound Books vegan potluck and are all completely vegan, i.e.; all recipes are made from vegan non-bone char sugar, no eggs, no animal milks, no honey, and non-enriched vegan flour. 22 pages, half-sized. $1.50 to cover copy costs [write for trades, free to prisoners & zine libraries]
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This is a good one.

heres a great versatile dish i came up with myself.

1 packet of Tofu Scramble mix
1 16oz block of extra firm tofu
1/2 tbsp vegetable oil
1/2 can of golden sweet corn
1/2 can of black beans
1 can refried beans
Hot Sauce

1. Crumble tofu (best if done with bare hands) and mix in the Tofu Scrable packet.
2. Add vegetable oil.
3. Place in saucepan on Medium heat.
4. Add in black beans and corn. Stir regularly.
5. Add in Hot Sauce (to taste)
6. While cooking, heat up refried beans.
7. After approx. 15 minutes the tofu mixture should be done.

Now here's where you decide what to do with it.
You can either:

A) Put refried beans on a plate, then place tofu mixture on top and eat with corn chips.
B) Make tacos by putting refried beans in first, then tofu mixture on top and any sort of veggies or taco toppings you like.

This is a very easy and GOOD recipe. I highly reccomend trying it!