February 24th, 2004

Gluten Help (and recipe feedback)

Ok - so - there is a Chinese place near me where I get General Tso's tofu. Well, I guess technically speaking elephantgiraffe gets the General Tso's and I typically get Sesame Tofu. But I digrees. ;)

So - a couple weeks ago this recipe for General Tso's Gluten (thats my name for it anyhow) was posted.

I made this last night with mixed results which I think largely had to do with my gluten handling abilities. Seitan and I - we go way back - but messing with the dehydrated gluten bits - its a new thing.

The sauce for this recipe turned out fantastically. It really was amazing. I ended up making up my own chili and garlic sauce due to not wanting to buy something prepackaged. But - despite that personal addition - sauce - SUPER.

The gluten however - eh - was just not quite as tasty as I would have liked. I think it had something to do with the frying. But - it ended up a bit on the way to hard and crunchy side. Maybe I fried it too long? Maybe the batter wasn't quite right? Maybe I didn't rehydrate the gluten bits long enough?

Not entirely sure. Anyhow - so - thoughts???

I am probably going to do round two of this recipe with some extra firm tofu, because the sauce, really, twas amazing.
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shep pie

the other night i made some really nice shepherds pie....
so as you know the shepherd's pie thing is like potato on mince..
so make the mashed potato as you would usulaly do ( i find that rice milk tastes nicer than soy)
and then you make the minceys stuff.
put in like 500grams of the TVP mincey stuff in a fry pan...
oh no.. you're supposed to put in like one onion and some grated carrot. then you put in the tvp stuff. then put in some red kidney beans and some tomato sauce...
then you have to add gravy. If you can't find a gravy mix then here's a recipe (very basic)
put a bit of oil in a pan or pot.. and then some plain flour (enough to make it sort of thick) and mix it till it goes a about light mid brown...then add water. enough to make it of gravy consitency. and if it gets too thick add more water..
then add a stock cube (i know that you can get vegan stock cubes around) and maybe some vegemite..or promite or marmite...
whatever then add that to the mince...put it on a casseole type dish put the potato over the top of that. then cook in a moderate oven for 20 minutes...