February 28th, 2004

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the vegetarian version of pho i made the other day was pretty kickass. it tasted pretty much like how i remember pho tasting back when i still ate meat. needless to say, it made me very happy, being vietnamese. it's really all about the spices and the charred onion and ginger, and not the actual beef stock itself! here is the recipe:


i didn't follow the instructions they had for the pho (it's just assembly anyway) but just for the broth. my suggestion would be to add another pod of star anise and omit the soy sauce.. use a light soy sauce (rather than the usual dark stuff) or use only 1 tbsp. the reason being is that pho broth is supposed to be pretty clear and the soy sauce made it dark brown. use a good veg stock (i used this mushroom-flavoured stock and added chinese shitake-style mushrooms in it when boiling), and just add more salt to replace the soy sauce. i charred the onion by piercing it with a fork and placing directly on the electric burner, turning it and watching it carefully.

for the toppings, i used green onions, thai basil, bean sprouts, lime, chili sauce, those chinese mushrooms from the stock (though my mom laughed at this), flavoured gluten and tofu.


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Easy recipes

Alright, so I live in a college dorm. We don't have a stove, only a microwave. I'm getting rather sick of the crappy cafeteria food (which isn't very vegan friendly), so I want to cook something, but I'm rather limited in that aspect.

Does anybody have any recipes that can be made easily without a stove?

Muchos gracias.