March 5th, 2004



mmm i just made some of the best stromboli ever! my family always made it often and always put a ton of meat in it, and since becoming vegan i haven't tried it substituting filling ingredients, but i thought i woudl try today as well the recipe for the dough is soooo easy and yummy! and it came out really really good
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anybody have any tips or recipes for homemade bagels?
im about to attempt a bakers dozen for a vegan potluck tonight and im crossing my fingers that they wont come out like bricks. im thinking of making cinnamon raison, garlic and just plain whole wheat.
i dunno. we'll see how it goes and if i lose my ambition after the first batch.
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Online cookbooks

Anyone know of good site that lets one build one's own online cookbook? I was looking at one a few weeks ago which I believe had "world" in the URL, but I can't seem to find it now. It let you enter your own recipes, and scale them depending on how many you're cooking for, and you could build your own page with a custom background. If anybody might know about this or any comparable sites where I can start building an online cookbook (I want something a bit more recipe-specific than a LiveJournal page, obviously) I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!