March 8th, 2004

  • posir


Okay guys... awesomest chili EVER, right here:

(this makes a LOT, so you could cut in in half or even quarter it if you wanted to)

3 cups water
3 cups TVP

Boil water. Add TVP and stir until saturated. Remove from heat. Stir in:

1/4 cup oil
2 packets chili seasoning (check the ingredients to make sure they're safe)

In BIG pot, combine the TVP and:

1 can crushed tomatoes
1 can tomato sauce
1 can corn
1 can chili beans or kidney beans
1 can water, or more if you like a thinner chili
salt and pepper to taste

Heat until hot (duh) and serve and then eat it all up!!! :)

(crossposted everywhere cuz i like sharing)