March 17th, 2004

Hard Cake

Do you leave your cake out or in refrigerator? I am afraid it will spoil...but when I put it in the didn't taste to good...hard as a rock...

-- perhaps a day or two un-refrigerated won't hurt a vegan eggs/milk etc. , right?
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we're having a vegan cake party soon, but all my friends have tasted the two cakes i make on a regular basis (banana, and coconut). does anyone have any favorite recipes that will blow some minds?
  • misfit

Making from scratch not worth the effort?

Last night I decided to make samosas from scratch using a recipe from Vegan Planet for baked (not fried) samosas. From start to finish, the process took about an hour and only yielded three samosas (somehow the recipe did not make enough dough, or I did not roll the dough thin enough). Although I felt a sense of accomplishment afterwards and they were tasty, it was not worth the effort for three measly samosas, especially since there are two Indian take-out restaurants within walking distance from my house. What are some things that you have made from scratch that were not worth all the effort? Or, what are some things that you make from scratch that are better than store bought/restaurant bought?
  • offish

(no subject)

I went to the grocery store the other day and they were out of silken tofu, so I got soft instead. Will a basic mousse recepie work with soft tofu, or will it be too thick?

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Last night I tried to make the sweet bagel spread from Vegan Planet.  I used silken tofu, banana, peanut butter, maple syrup, vanilla extract, cinnamon and all spice.  It came out delicious.  The problem is, I was expecting it to have a cream cheese consistency (I don't know why), but it came out much more runny that that.  This stuff would never be able to stay put on a bagel.  Is there anything I can add to it to make it thicker?  I tried egg replacer (about 2 eggs worth) and an additional banana but it didn't help much.  In the future I may try a firmer tofu, but I'd like to salvage this batch if possible. 

Or can anyone suggest another cream cheese recipe?

Thanks in advance.

  • lolo13

(no subject)

So the lovely boyfriend and I are going camping soon. Do you guys know of any good, quick ,and easy to deal with recipes. All we will most likely have with us is an ice chest and a tiny hibachi grill.

Freezing beans.

So I've been cooking up dried beans and freezing them for future use. I had some garbanzo beans that were frozen and I just made some hummus with them. After mixing everything up in my new (KitchenAid, swoon) food processor, it's still seeming really gritty, like the beans aren't getting all mushed. I know I did it long enough, and everything was mixed all nice. It's just that it's a bit gritty. Could the freezing have something to do with it? Has anyone had this happen? Should I just use them straight from being cooked from now on? Last time I made it, everything was fine.