March 18th, 2004

Mixing herbs

Does anyone have experience/knowledge of what herbs shouldn't be mixed together in a soup? It might be the miso...but I put an Basil, thyme, sage (I'm not used to cooking with this), rosemary (does this even go in soups?),and garlic and it was awful. hehe...
When I feel better I'll look for a herbal book for cooking...and thank goodness the computer is working today. :)
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(no subject)

i found this recipe for 'steamed rice paper parcels' in great vegetarian food... you're basically cutting up / shredding some veggies and tofu, wrapping them in those rice paper circles and then steaming them in a bamboo steamer for a few minutes.

however, i've never used a bamboo steam-basket thing before. my former roomie left one here when she moved out, and i was going to toss it until i saw this recipe. so.... can anyone give me a basic how-to for these things? i'm assuming you put them into the bottom of a pot with a bit of water boiling in it..... but then i got to wondering whether or not you can put the bamboo directly on the bottom of the pot, whether or not you have to soak it first, etc.

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