March 21st, 2004

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Feeling saucy??

Alright, I've got leftover noodles. I'm looking for a crazy good sauce! What are your favourites? Not necessarily looking for classic tried and trues, here. I'm in the mood for something wildly weirdly wonderful...

bulk tomato recipes????

i dumpstered a TON of tomatos last night....and entire box, in fact.

I'm not going to be able to cook with any of them right now, b/c i dumpstered wayyyyy too much other produce that I need to eat.

I'm planning on making spagetti sauce and freezing it/giving it away, as it would probably make a gallon of sauce. but any other suggestions?
(i still have spagetti sauce frozen from the LAST time this happened...and i only had half this many tomatos)

Flax / linseed

Hi everyone. I'm a vegan who wears hard contact lenses. I have very dry skin and I also get dry eyes especially when I'm working in front of a computer all day. I recently read that omega 3 oils, of the sort that you get in oily fish, would help this exact problem, and there was a footnote at the end of the article to the effect that flaxseed oil might work just as well.
So, some questions:
Are there any palatable ways of taking the oil rather than just as a spoonful a day? Any recipes - ideally, not too fattening?

Also, do any of you suffer from dry skin/eyes (Since none of us are getting fish oil, this might be rampant between us all..)?

Has anyone tried flaxseed oil or anything else and find it to work or not work?

With great thanks!