April 2nd, 2004

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Fabulous tomato sauce, and roasted vegetable lasagne

This tomato sauce is truly and utterly delicious. Do not leave out the wine. If you leave out the wine then you will have a tomato sauce, but it will not be a fabulous tomato sauce.

Here's the recipe: http://www.earth.li/~kake/cookery/recipes/fabulous-tomato-sauce.html

It is the best tomato sauce in the world, ever. I used it last night in a roasted vegetable lasagne which went down very well with vegans and non-vegans alike. Here is how I made the lasagne.

Take parsnips, bell peppers and mushrooms, cut into chunks, and roast separately until perfectly done. You'll likely have to pour off liquid from the mushrooms halfway through. Don't waste it! It is delicious. You can put it in soup or something or, well, just drink it. It's the cook's treat.

Parboil some lasagne sheets.

Layer in a baking dish in this order: sauce, veg, pasta. Keep back plenty of sauce to put a double layer on top to keep the pasta from burning. Bake in oven.

food processors

Can someone suggest a good food processor? I am getting one for my birthday this year.. i remember a post about this a while back but can't find the post..

thank you,

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Hi all!
This next week I want to make Borscht and I have a recipe for that, but I would like to have some piroshky with it. Does anyone have a recipe for this?

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home made tofu

ok so i tried to make my own tofu. it didn't turn out so well, and i'm a bit annoyed i wasted 500 g of soy beans. does anyone have any tried and true homemade tofu recipes and recipes using okara (i read this is the left over soy bean, and is very good for you) also, how much tofu do you expect from 500g of soy beans?


my one friend really really loves key lime pie, and thus is very interested in trying a vegan version.  As i love to cook, i've now offered to try to make one for the upcoming Defiance Ohio show (in like a week)

now i found one recipe on veg web here  which seems really good, but making deserts with tofu makes me nervous, as last week i had a horrible cheesecake expierience (mostly due to the grossness of nasoya silken soft i think, everytime i buy it has such a strong wierd smell).

so my questions are this, does anyone have a really good tried and true keylime pie recipe, or some sort of assurence that this prolly won't taste gross (though i won't blame you if it does).  Or just that Mori-nu tofu does'nt make stuff taste like horrible.

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Cream In Indian Cooking</i>

A friend of mine asked what vegan substitute she could use for cream in korma:

You're supposed to stir in the 3 tablespoons and then cook it on high heat for another 7-8 minutes, or until it thickens up. So I guess it's to make it taste a bit creamier, and to add some thickness.

I imagine that silken tofu or any of the usual cream substitutes (I know there are many listed in the recipe index/faq) would make an acceptable substitute, but I was wondering if anyone had tried out the different substitutes and come out with a clear favourite?
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Question about a cake.

Hello everyone.I am getting married in May of 2005.And i was wanting to have my most favorite cake at my reception.My favorite is Red Velvet with Cream Cheese frosting.Sure i could have eaten it like that before i became fully vegan and got off dairy.What i was wondering is do any of you know a good recipe for a Vegan Red Velvet Cake with a frosting vegan friendly similar to cream cheese?Thanks for any help in advance.BTW i was wanting to figure all this out before next year so i have time to try it out myself and several others as well.Thanks.BTW Soy Delicous has gotten the right name!!!Its so delicous

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